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Carvin Legacy Head Issue

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  • Carvin Legacy Head Issue

    New to the forum. I have lots of electronic repair experience just none on amps. I bought a used Carvin Legacy head. I believe it's the original one. It worked well, although the lead channel had very little gain. Clean channel sounded great. I was playing guitar and adjust knobs and it buzzed briefly and stop emitting sound. The head started smoking so I quickly unplugged it. Opened it up and examined the components and there was no visible damage for the amount of smoke produced. I pulled the tube mount board and found a burn mark under the third tube (see included picture.) Removed the socket and the trace burnt the solder mask off. The damage was between pin 2 and 3 on the EL34-R. Which I believe are the heater and anode. Checked the tube and it wasn't shorted. I think the tubes are original.

    Any suggestions or hints? I'm guessing it needs new tubes regardless as a few of the power tube labels look slightly burnt.

    Help is greatly appreciated.
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      oops .
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        You'll need to clean up the impregnated carbon dust on that. I'd break out my dremel and mill all of the carbon dust out between the traces. If you don't, it'll just arc again.

        Then use a fill pen on the newly exposed board material. The trace looks ok, but coat it with some corona dope or conformal coating.

        Don't try to clean the tube socket. Just replace it.


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          It also looks suspiciously like there MIGHT have been something conductive lodged in the area. Just to be safe, I'd turn the chassis upside down and give it a good shake to make sure there isn't a nut, screw, or anything else rolling around in there.
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            I cleaned off the board and put conformal coating on. Also going to order a new socket. The amp was dirty. I didn't think about some contaminate causing the arc. So once clean do you think I should install new tubes and try it out?

            I appreciate the feedback


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              I wouldn't trust those tubes.


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                I don't and bought a new set of matched tubes.