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Replacement can cap for Magnatone 480

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  • Replacement can cap for Magnatone 480

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    I have a Giulietti S10 (which is a rebadged Magnetone 480) that needs to be recapped. It is this version ( The four section can cap that is in it is 40/30/20uF at 450V and 20uF at 25V, twist tab mount 1 3/8" diameter. I can't find an exact match for that. There isn't a particularly clean way to mount separate caps in the chassis, don't want to muck with restuffing the can at this point. has this ( which would be the right mounting size/type but 40/20/20/20, I think there is also a 40/40/40/40 model. They are about $40 so not cheap but probably worth it for convenience and keeping it looking original. With the 40/20/20/20 I can add another 10uF to the second cap to get back to original, but don't know if that matters much or if the 40/40/40/40 would be "better."

    Any suggestions on other sources or which direction you would go would be appreciated. I'm probably going to go with the CE from tubesandmore but no order going to get filled today anyway, so thought I would throw it out here.


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      I would go for the 40/40/40/40 because you don't want an odd capacitors lying in there and because old electrolytics are usually +50 -10% it will not stress anything or
      I can remove the guts, fit 47u, 32u, 22u and 22u all at 450volts seal it up again using the old tags and bakalite tag mounts and no one will suspect anything. Not forgetting the air vents for any issues inside of course!
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