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    Hey guys,

    Utter newbie (this is my first post that's how new I am) here with some questions.

    Will the classic 30 mods work on a 20? I've seen a lot of mods for the 30 but so far can't find any for the 20.

    Cheers guys

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    Well maybe some of them. These are two separate amps. The input stages are the same, so those mods should work the same. The tone stack is pretty much the same. The phase inverter stage is about the same.

    The C20 power amp is cathode biased, while the C30 is fixed bias. Within the channels, ther are similarities here and there, no real plan I could describe.

    As with any mod, you need to decide what the amp is not doing as well as you would like, then look to a modification to cure that.
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