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Compilation of BF Reverb Fender Mods

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  • Compilation of BF Reverb Fender Mods

    See or I had fun tweaking an old Fender schematic to document my preferred mods.
    It happened to be a Super Reverb but the most of ideas are applicable to most models.
    About a dozen areas of the schematic have been changed, most extensive has been how the channels are mixed, which occurs here at the wet / dry passive mixer.
    A lot of the ideas have been brought to my attention via this MEF so may be familiar.
    It's up comment, so please enjoy!
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    The first link required registration, but on the photobucket link was cool click back and forth between the two schematics to see the changes you made, Pete!


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      Oh yeah, that is funny!
      Just noticed that I've got the power switch and fuse in the wrong order, so will have to revise it.
      I was trying to get around to finishing off my 'compilation of Marshall mods' schematic.
      Cheers - Pete
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