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Rivera S120 Mods - Please Help!

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  • Rivera S120 Mods - Please Help!

    Hi guys, first post here! I was referred here by one of the guys at the BYOC forum.
    I have a Rivera S120 combo amp. It is a wonderful, stereo tube amp, but it has a lot of solid state stuff in it that I don't quite understand.

    I have a couple of issues with the amp though and I am hoping that someone here can help.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. The reverb driver is solid state. Reverb sounds pretty good (not Twin Reverb good, but not bad), but there is a noticeable loss in volume and tone when I engage the reverb.
    I would like to eliminate the volume drop and make the reverb a little bit stronger.

    2. My amp has what is called "Slave/Master." It is supposed to simulate the sag of a fully cranked tube amp, but it is sort of personality free.
    This circuit is placed directly after the gain stages, but before the FX loop in my amp. I am wondering if I can turn it into more of an Overdrive or Bluesy type Distortion?
    Clean channel with Slave/Master = the amp looses all sustain and sparkle. There is some mild breakup, but it does not sound natural.
    Overdrive channel with S/M = the gain channel looses a lot of crunch when the S/M is engaged, as well as sustain.
    I don't really use the S/M currently, but would like to mod it so that I can use it for either a Bluesy OD (clean channel) or a sustain boost for both channels.

    Here is the entire schematic, it's not that easy to read!
    The Reverb is bottom left hand corner of the drawing.
    The Slave/Master is middle of the left hand side.

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    For the Reverb circuit, points A, B, & C can be found in the upper right hand corner of the drawing at V4B.