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Adding an on/off reverb switch to vintage amp

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  • Adding an on/off reverb switch to vintage amp

    I own an old Oliver Sound H-100 Reverb tube amp. There is no existing 1/4in input jack for on/off control of the reverb. I'd like to make it. Looking for the least invasive way to make this happen. I'm assuming I can place a switch from the reverb tank output and use one of the two speaker output holes (i'm only using one jack) to place the jack for the new switch. My question is, should it be a stereo jack, so I can return the signal to the original RCA plug? Can it support an LED in the switch? Rough diagram/instruction? Should I just have a pro do it? Thanks for the Help!

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    Most amps just ground the reverb tank return at the grid of the recovery tube. If you need an led your best bet may be to have one in the footswitch box powered by a battery. You could probably power it from the heater supply but that seems like adding unnecessary complexity. If you wanted to you could probably ground the signal at the return on the tank and stay out of the amp chassis,


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