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    Originally posted by Enzo View Post
    I guess that makes it a mute point then...
    Only if you're def.

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    "Take two placebos, works twice as well." Enzo

    "Now get off my lawn with your silicooties and boom-chucka speakers and computers masquerading as amplifiers" Justin Thomas

    "Being born on third base and thinking that you must have hit a triple is pure delusion!" Steve A


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      Originally posted by Chuck H View Post
      Phwew! That's all for now.
      Man, I should at least buy you a beer for the all the contribution you've made so far. Thank you so much for taking the time to compare the various circuit I've posted and correcting me on all the non-sense I've put out in my previous posts.

      Looks like the VHT is the way to go, just need to understand if I'll go with the combo with the 10" or just the head and add a cab separately (which would give me complete freedom of choice, I've heard that for playing lower volumes, instead of going with a single 12" or even 15", using 2 or more 10" is the preferred way – that's what the internet folks say at least, have no experience, I only had 1x12" so far).

      Oh, and by the way, Larry Carlton is a monster guitar player, highly underrated IMHO. I can't see myself getting anywhere near his level of technique ever, even practicing for 10 years, 6 hours a day.
      But I'd definitely use a pedal for the volume swells instead of the guitar's knob.

      EDIT: one very last question and I swear I'll leave you alone and won't annoy you anymore than I've already done :P

      Originally posted by Chuck H View Post
      The one shown is for 8 ohms.

      For a 5-6 Watt amp such as the VHT 6 Special what power ratings would you recommend for the resistors and rheostat?

      EDIT 2: ...and it seems that the speaker is 16Ω, so I'll need to calculate again the resistors value.
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