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Tubes that can handle 500VDC on screens, or tame the power supply??

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    Yes, it's a tetrode but according to that table all other data is identical.


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      Gregg, thanks for the info on the USSR tube. I vaguely recalled that there was some EL34 equivalent info in old datasheets or books (and wasn't aware that they actually made one) so I didn't wonder much beyond that. I found some pics!

      re: EL34s,

      Matsushita (Panasonic) made some (they were part of the Philips family), as well as Ten (Fujitsu), Toshiba, and NEC (if memory serves). I think a beam type 6CA7 was made in S.Korea. GEC (England) made the KT77 beam tube (think they had a bit higher plate dissipation). USA had Sylvania and GE beam 6CA7s. W.Germany also made (a pentode) one (Telefunken--these are not the same as the E.German RFT which are sometimes branded Telefunken).


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        Originally posted by cerrem View Post
        Getting back to the original subject at hand.... Last night I blew a power tube in my Ampeg SVT while playing a show..... First time in many many years this happened to me...
        The reason is because I put the SVT head on top of the speaker cabinet and I was playing loud and VERY DEEP frequencies !!!
        You can see from photo the crack on the tube ..most likely mechanical vibration caused the fracture of the glass, which compromised the vacuum which then provided the lightening show...
        I normally stack 2 or 3 SVT heads on a separate dolly and keep it to the side, so not to direct contact with the cabs....
        Last night I made exception due to not much room on the stage due to a drummer that takes up 80% of the stage area...
        I am thinking maybe the original poster to this thread maybe if he has has amplifier in contact to the speaker cabinet ???
        Now I know why EVH kept his #1 on the floor


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          It's always a good idea to take measures to avoid transferring cabinet vibrations to the amp.


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            REALLY OFF-TOPIC:

            Hey dumbassbob,
            Welcome Back!

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              Originally posted by Justin Thomas View Post
              Hey dumbassbob,
              Welcome Back!
              Second that
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