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DIY Beta Lead footswitch build

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  • DIY Beta Lead footswitch build

    Spurred by an old topic in this forum, I just built a new footswitch for my Beta Lead and decided to share my build notes on it in case anyone else out there needs to make one. The box itself is a fairly easy build, but the project involves removing and replacing the existing 4 pin socket in the head, which is a little tricky.

    I would say it's an intermediate level project for those inclined to try it, but essential if you want to get the most out of the amp.

    Here's the thread at the Sunn forum

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    Man, I paid something like $15 for that 'official' mating connector back in '82. I do think trying to maintain the vintageness of the amp is sort of important, and for under $10 for connector, pins and clamp, I'd have gone that way.

    Still nice looking build - much nicer that the nasty grey plastic box I used (too light to stay put, had to tape it down to my pedal board).