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Rewiring Solarus Transformer....

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  • Rewiring Solarus Transformer....

    I want to change the Impedance of a Sunn Solarus. It is now 8 ohm main speaker 4 ohm external. I want 16 ohm and 8 ohm...

    do i just change it so the 16 ohm tap is wired where the 8 ohm taps currently is and the 8 ohm goes to where the 4 ohm currently is and 4 ohm moved to where the 16 ohm currently is?

    could is be that easy?

    thanks much!

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    The 16 ohm tap is connected to a terminal strip where the feedback comes from via a 1K 2W resistor in parallel with 750pF. Just run a wire from there to the switching jack. The 4 ohm tap will have to go to an un-used terminal or covered with heat-shrink. There is a thread over at with pictures but the site is down today.
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      awesome sounds even easier!