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It works! My Solarus works!

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  • It works! My Solarus works!

    After new caps and tubes including 600 volt caps for the first 2 filter stages (It was a long wait) I am now enjoying my Solarus. The reverb and tremelo work. Now I need knobs. 3 knobs to be exact. Anyone know where I can get the actual right knobs and not buy 7 Fender blackface knobs?

    (The cabinet is a Bassman cabinet from the 70's that has been cut down to this dimension as it used to be a tall 2 x 12 cab. Now its a 2 x 12 diagonal with mounted speakers. There is a Pro Jr Fender amp mounted inside the back (lifeboat) of the speaker cabinet and it is partly open in the back.
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    Fender 2010 American Deluxe 5 string sunburst, Fender "Blackout" Telecaster, Epiphone Dot 335, Laney 300 watt Bass head 4x10 and 15" cabs, 1969 SUNN Solarus 40 watt head, Fender Pro Jr 15 watt tube amp in 2x12 cabinet (Doubles as speaker cab.) 1976 Garnet Session Man 2x12 combo 50 watt. Other miscellaneous stuff and cheap instruments.

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    Congrats on your amp. There used to be a guy on the web that had the knobs that you need. He used to sell on eBay sometimes too. Maybe he's run out of them by now.

    The photo of the rear of your amp seems to show a big blue cap mounted on the outside of the chassis. Is this one of the new 600v caps you are talking about? If it is, it doesn't seem to be the safest place to mount it.


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