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  • Model T Reissue mods

    I have a model t ri that I've been farting around with, its nothing like a first gen but I've had good luck with getting some of the fendery tone out of it. Number one mod: Add a 47pf or 68pf snubber across the phase inverter plates ala Bassman or Slo100. Helps kill the squeaky glassey overtones and makes the presence useable.
    Second best mod: pull the 6l6's, pull the wiring off pin one of all the tube sockets, ground pin 1 to pin 8, then put two 6550's in the outer sockets and bias it up. It will actually sound like a GOOD JCM800 does, no more boomy bass or squeaky highs, nice and tight creamy mids. Been running mine like this for awhile and its damn perfect!

    If anyone knows any of the PT specs, mainly heater current available, please share with me.