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2nd Gen model T bass cab suggestions

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  • 2nd Gen model T bass cab suggestions

    as the title states, i have a 2nd gen model T. I started playing bass in a power metal band and i need a cab to match with the head. playing D standard with a 5 string active pickup bass. Im currently running it through a single 15" yorkville speaker (200b combo cab, blew the amp) but i need more.
    Anybody have any experience? im new to bass so im alittle unsure what to expect. i do know i love the deep bass the 15" offers but its alittle slow or maybe its cuz its a single 15" with a model T pounding it :-)

    I cant do a 2x15 or 8x10 cab. my back will hate me. but maybe two single 15" cabs.

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    i tried an early 2000's eden 2x10 cab with a tweeter and my yamaha active bass. Sounded like crap!! i had to crank the model t to get any sound that would carry. but vintage speakers and the Model T screams. what the heck?