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turning off a beta lead channel without the footswitch?

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  • turning off a beta lead channel without the footswitch?

    anyway i can do this. i only play on channel b, because i broke some pots on channel a. they are currently both on and it just bugs the crap out of me.
    the footswitches are hard to come by i understand... any replacements?

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    With nothing plugged in, both LED's should be off. When you plug your guitar into one channel, that LED should be on. If you plug into the "Both" input, both LED's should be on. If your amp does not operate this way, there is an internal logic problem. Even though you plug into the B channel, some signal gets to the A channel but the logic is supposed to mute it. Again, if signal is getting through the A channel, this indicates a problem in the amp.

    The problem with the footswitch is finding the connector. Many people just replace the connector with something more common but it takes three wires and a ground. I posted some info at the old Sunn forum,1.0.html

    on what I think the numbers are to order the connector from Allied. I haven't heard back from anyone on this.

    Edit: Here is the thread
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      re: channel switching footswitch

      i actually d/l the schematics and built a footswitch because they're so hard to comeby. the connector is almost exactly the same as used for CB receivers. the thread on the base of the connector is different, but otherwise it's the same type of connector and works well, including switching on/off the reverb. btw, i had a time tracking down the germanium resistors. i refused to use new parts, everything in the pedal is the same as in the original ones, per the schematics.

      i'd be happy to build more if anybody's interested...


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        Beta Lead Footswitch

        I'd be VERY interested to have one built. You have mail!!!