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FB resistor swap for coil to just FB bass for speaker damping

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  • FB resistor swap for coil to just FB bass for speaker damping

    I guess you could call this the honey coil. It won't mess with your highs and still addresess the resonant frequency damping. So wondering what Henries to use, 1.2H? Can easily shield the coil but that picking up and feeding back radiant hum might be a good idea too.

    From Wiki, "Modern solid state amplifiers, which use relatively high levels of negative feedback to control distortion, have extremely low output impedances—one of the many consequences of using feedback—and small changes in an already low value change overall damping factor by only a small, and therefore negligible, amount.

    Thus, high damping factor values do not, by themselves, say very much about the quality of a system; most modern amplifiers have them, but vary in quality nonetheless. Given the controversy that has long surrounded the use of feedback,[citation needed] some[who?] extend their distaste for negative feedback (NFB) amplifier designs (and so a high damping factor) as a mark of poor quality. For them, such high values imply a high level of NFB in the amplifier.

    Tube amplifiers typically have much lower feedback ratios, and in any case almost always have output transformers that limit how low the output impedance can be. Their lower damping factors are one of the reasons many audiophiles prefer tube amplifiers. Taken even further, some tube amplifiers are designed to have no NFB at all.

    So could easily use a switch too.

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    Get a Zobel calc
    "If it measures good and sounds bad, it is bad. If it measures bad and sounds good, you are measuring the wrong things."


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