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Selecting a Di-type transformer

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  • Selecting a Di-type transformer

    I'm paging through Digikeys audio transformers here and am not sure which to go with. This is just for guitar level signal so they needn't be super expensive. or overbuilt.

    One is for a balanced guitar. This has just one Start pickup going out to a balanced, 1/4 jack. As the 7K pickup is too closely matches to the mixers 10KΩ impedance that could get a 10:1 matching transformer.
    The other is to isolate guitar pedals/preamps as they first get inputs' daisy-chained then each output goes Line In at the mixer-interface. This makes tracking easy and analogue and as they're pedals, saves power and:

    -I found that some guitar pedals sound better than many amp sims out there.
    -I can also monitor without latency. The mixer has Lexicon effects
    -Thickens the sound with options to blend and mix.

    I hope this makes sense, thank you!