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Adding a reverb footswitch to a HRD

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  • Adding a reverb footswitch to a HRD

    Customer wants me to add a reverb footswitch jack to his Hot Rod Deluxe. At first I thought run a shielded cable from a plastic 1/4" jack next to speaker jack up to short the input or output of the reverb pan, which works well enough with a clip lead, but then I realized the footswitch cable would need to be shielded as well. Is there a preferred way to do this that would allow for a non-shielded footswitch cable?
    It's weird, because it WAS working fine.....

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    1) How long does the footswitch cable need to be? 2) Why not use a shielded cable? If too long or to noisy, or not shielded, use a relay for switching and switch the relay on and off instead of switching the actual signal.
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      Blues Deluxe Reissue uses a FET to short out the reverb output post level pot. Maybe you could rig up something like that, so it would be like a Hot Rod Blues Deluxe.


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        Here's a way.... fairly involved...

        See pdf attached...
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          I ended up running a mini shielded wire from across R35 to an insulated 1/4" jack situated next to the speaker jack, hugging the crease of the chassis as it went. Then plugging a 12' guitar cable into the jack, I could short the other end and mute/unmute the reverb with no ill effects.
          It's weird, because it WAS working fine.....


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