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LANGNER DCP-1 preamp schematic

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  • LANGNER DCP-1 preamp schematic

    Hello guys,
    have you ever heard of it? A friend found this schematic, it seems legit for me, can anyone confirm?
    I would like to build a clone of the most interesting channel, so any advice is welcome.
    270 V for high gain is a bit low, isn'it?
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    Did you Google "Todd Langner" or "DCP-1"? You'll find lots of info and at least one preamp for sale.

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      [QUOTE=tepsamps;n943614] 270 V for high gain is a bit low, isn'it?/QUOTE]

      There are more gain stages in the high gain channel than you'd usually expect and the preamp maybe clips a lot more as a result. I'm thinking more fizzy metal distortion rather than classic rock crunch. Lowering the B+ decreases headroom.


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        You can just drop the plate voltages with a resistor. I've done this and it works