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Speaking of Kay amps, KT66's in a Kay 720 ok?

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  • Speaking of Kay amps, KT66's in a Kay 720 ok?

    In a fit of nostagia I picked up a 1965 Kay 720. I'm restoring it and doing a few mods to make it more guitar friendly. It needs new power tubes and I have a pair of GT KT-66's I got in a trade that I would like to try.

    It normally uses 6L6's, would these be ok, or do the KT-66's have different requirements that would make them incompatable with the Kay?

    Here is the schematic.

    Also, any mods you might suggest would be welcome. I am going to add bypass caps on the 7199 and the power tube cathode bias resistor as suggested by a friend of mine.

    The original Oxford is blown, I am going to put an Eminence Big Ben in it as a replacement. I'll recone the Oxford later down the road.
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