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Are Stancor chassis collectible?

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  • Are Stancor chassis collectible?

    I have an empty chassis that used to house a transformer some caps and tubes, based on the punchouts one the chassis. The label on it says "CH-2133 Stancor Transformer Corp." I've looked everywhere I know of (ebay, and other places) to see if these are collectable. I want to use the chassis for a "junk yard dog" amp thrown together with spare/pulled parts and transformers.

    Many years ago when I was just getting into tube amps I canabalized a hi-fi monoblock amp for iron, only to find out years later that it was of considerable value had I left it alone. Don't ask, it still pains me

    Anyway, if any of you are audiophiles, in addition to tube amp lovers and think I'm sitting on a fortune, I'd appreciate it if you let me know. Otherwise, its morphing soon. TIA for any replies.