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1946 Masco MA-35 PA Conversion To Guitar Amp

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    Originally posted by Enzo View Post
    Should not be hard to trace out the schematic.

    All those waxed caps will be bad. By teh way, if the wax is too cloudy to read the print, hit the cap with a heat gun and the wax will melt away. And the wax that sy=tays will have cleared enough to see through.
    I was hoping to use some of these old caps, but I suspect you're right that they will all have to go. Surprisingly all the resistors are really close, so I plan on leaving them alone


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      The wax guys are paper dielectric, and that wax is not a perfect seal, so over time, they get contaminated. I don't think I have ever seen a wax cap that wasn't leaky. Well in recent history. Back in the 1950s we used them and they were OK then.
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