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How many Fender Bronco amps were made from 1967 thru 1975 ?

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  • How many Fender Bronco amps were made from 1967 thru 1975 ?

    Hi all,

    A friend of mine has a very pristine Fender Bronco amp, made in 1971. He was asking about what it was worth and I explained that this amp is (electronically) identical to a Vibro Champ amp but people, mostly collectors, want this model for the red silkscreening/printing on the face. Champs and Vibro Champ were high production models for Fender in the silverface era (and had high sales figures). Now, I've really only seen two or three Bronco amps in person over many years in playing in bands and doing amp work, so I would assume that there are far less Broncos in the field than Vibro Champs. But does anyone here know that actual figures (from hanging out with Leo or any other Fender associations). I would assume about one in ten would be a Bronco, with maybe 2K or 3K made during their years of manufacture. I realize they were normally bundled with a budget beginner Fender guitar. This particular amp has a great tremolo.

    Bob M.

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    No idea how many were made, but I have one, as well as a SF Vibrochamp. I picked up both cheap. Not original speakers (completely missing in both). I popped a Weber into each. They are close in tone, but very slightly different. Seems the Bronco is just a bit 'dirtier' cranked up. Running both is fun, and setting the tremolos different is kinda cool. Would be interesting to know just how many were made. A friend in Denver told me that the Bronco amp should remain in Denver, when I moved from there. It didn't!