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Gretsch 6160 Grille Cloth

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  • Gretsch 6160 Grille Cloth

    Got a Gretsch 6160 Chet Atkins here. Not a scrap of grille cloth left on it. I'm assuming the original cloth will be unobtainable at a sane price. Its not a collectors piece, its a working musicians amp, so I'm not about to hunt down 500 quids worth of original cloth.

    Looking at similar amps on the net the fabric seems to be anything between beige/brown and silver.

    I'm thinking of either Fender Straw or maybe Oxblood cloth. Unless anyone has a better suggestion. Extra points if its available this side of the Atlantic.

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    Google "Gretsch 6160 Chet Atkins" and see the results. The first two hits showed similar. Difference between looked more like the lighting than different fabrics.

    Tan/beige sounds like a good description to me.

    And if you are not going for collector/original, hey go crazy and consider these:

    SOmeone used to sell vintage reissue imaged grill cloth, like for old floor radios with like a bird of paradise or some such, but I can't find them.
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      Here are 3 pictures of my Gretsch, 61?? not a chet model. Second has flash and third has no flash. If you want higher resolution or taken outside in the sun, email me direct at n3uvt at ptd dot net. This may or may not have resized what i uploaded. Taken inside the garage with real cheap high intensity led chinese lamps.
      Click image for larger version

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        Might be hard to find an exact match. Search "grill cloth" on ebay and you can probably find something close.

        I did find this, but without pics of the OP's amp who knows if it's right. And, it's on the wrong side of the Atlantic.
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          Thanks guys. That's helpful