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  • Altec 418 Question

    Hello, does anyone know what the difference are between an Altec 418 15" guitar speaker and the Altec 418B and Altec 418-8H. I know that Altec issued a number of updates in this speaker line but I can't find any information on the original 418. Thanks.
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    FWIW I'm a fan of Altec 417 12" speakers. I have about a dozen, several different suffixes, and at least one variation on frame style. Heck I wasn't even aware of the 418 until you mentioned it. 15 inch, I expect they're up sized versions of the 417's. And I expect "25" is a typo. That all being said, I don't have much tech info on the Altecs. You might try inquiring at Great Plains Audio. They seem to have the current brain trust on all things Altec.
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      This might help some:

      It doesn't have the 418, but the main difference I see between the B and H models is that the B voice coil is aluminum wound on paper and the H is copper wound on Kapton. The H is also power rated higher.
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