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Gibson GA-30 RVT Invader speaker detail

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  • Gibson GA-30 RVT Invader speaker detail

    I'm putting together the parts to get an abandoned 1963 Gibson GA-30 RVT Invader working again, and it came to me with no speakers in it.

    The originals were a Jensen P10R and a C12R. I've acquired a non-working P10R to recone for it, but when I looked at the reconing parts catalog (I recone speakers), I saw that Jensen made nine different versions of the P10R. Jensen had major speaker types and then a "recipe" for a particular application that specified which cone/spider/dust cap combination to use. But I don't know which P10R subtype was originally in this Gibson. The recipe is the letter C followed by four numbers, sometimes with one additional number after a dash.

    I can't find any pictures of a Gibson GA-30 RVT that show this detail. There is one pic online of a GA-30 RVT that shows the C12R number (C7324), but none that shows the P10R subtype.

    If anyone has one of these amps and could look on the P10R's rim for this number, I'd be much obliged. I know it's a long shot.

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    Hey, hope I'm not too late!

    I just happen to have a GA-30 RVT amp besides me! I believe it is from 1962. The P10R's number you're looking for is C6786 (at least in mine)
    Maybe you could tell me what power resistors values you've got (just next to the big can capacitor)

    Hope it helps!



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      Hello Rhodesplyr,
      I have had my GA-30RVT from new. S/N 480743. I believe it to be either a 1963 or 1964 model but do not recall.
      The original 12" Jensen speaker has the following two numbers on it. C12RC7324 and 220329.
      The original 10" had been replaced with a Onkyo 10W 8 ohm speaker and I would like to find an original speaker for it.
      What is the WATT and Ohm rating of the original 12" and 10" apreakers


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