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Silvertone 1330 - What's this mod?

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  • Silvertone 1330 - What's this mod?

    A friend brought over an old Silvertone 1330. It looks like a widow maker for sure. I told him it needs an isolation transformer to be safe. The output of the amp appears to be modded. Anyone seen an output mod like this before?
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    Without knowing what the circuit looks like, or what may have been connected to all those loose wires, I'll hazard that the owner wanted reverb.

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      My guess it was done to use the amp as a distortion device when cranked into another amp.
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        Here are the guts of it. I'm pulling the OT and gonna test.
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          Mod gone. Amp restored and sounding good!
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            Excellent! Now spend $12 and buy an isolation transformer for it.


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              Originally posted by olddawg View Post
              Excellent! Now spend $12 and buy an isolation transformer for it.
              Pretty sure he did that already.

              (from the post above)
              Click image for larger version

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                Cool.. the picture was distorted on my device.