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Early version Gibson GA-30RVT

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  • Early version Gibson GA-30RVT

    Looking for the schematic for the 1st version of the Gibson GA-30RVT.
    This had simple controls vs the later versions
    Each channel had just a Volume and Tone control
    One had the Reverb control
    There were two controls for the shared tremolo.

    It looks like it was made in 1962/63.
    It appears to have a different tube line-up than the later version as well, only 5 preamp/pi tubes.

    I've been told it may be the equivalent of the Epiphone EA-12RVT


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    Is this the earlier or the later ga30rvt.pdf?


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      It is the later version

      Originally posted by TomCarlos View Post
      Is this the earlier or the later ga30rvt.pdf?
      The version I'm looking for had just Volume and Tone for each channel
      The pictures have a group of five controls and then the two shared tremolo controls.

      I found a schematic for what appears to be the Epiphone version but it was a 4 x 10" combo, not the 10" & 12" of the Gibson combo



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        So that's the only difference- speaker configuration? I wouldn't think that would be a problem if the schematic is otherwise the same?
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          The speakers don't matter, they stuck the same chassis in different combo cabs. And welcome to the world of Gibson/Epi, I have one model that I have SIX different schematics for. They changed them all the time.

          Here is the Epi you mentioned, does it match your amp?

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