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Opinion: PA amp gift - what do do with it?? harp amp, 5f6a?? or??

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  • Opinion: PA amp gift - what do do with it?? harp amp, 5f6a?? or??

    Yo - Opinions wanted. A buddy gave me an early 1950's Webster Electrics 82-25 PA amp. Works but needs caps. Should I get it running better and use it for harp as is or start a '59 Bassman 5f6a build or??

    Great iron etc.!! I think 360-0-360 PT, giant choke and OT 2x 6l6 and 3 octal's and 3 x 5971 9 pin preamp with 3 mics and a phono input. I replaced 1st power cap an it is pretty cool sounding and need to go through it more. It has two '50's RCA black plate 6l6's.


    I have some cool modern Eminence 8 inch 4 ohm neo bass speakers and thinking of making a mini Bassman cab for a harp rig with 2 of these neo's and 2 Weber alnico 8's.


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    Well of course you should fix it.


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      I replaced the main filter cap - it needs all caps replaced, and I mean ALL.

      It has potential as-is for harp and guitar but I can't get the bass control to work. When I turn bass up it looses volume and the power tubes start to red plate slightly. I am assuming the other caps on the b+ are part of the problem. Most resistors (bias etc) through out are close enough tolerance wise so likely not the main culprit. I am thinking all electrolytic caps from filter to bypass will be 1st if fixed as-is.

      Or gut it and build the 5F6a....

      The point is after I put a bunch of time in on a hard to work on amp (all flying leads) what will I have? I have no schematic and it uses arcane components that I have trouble knowing what the values are. For instance it uses ceramic tube caps from the 30-40's mixed with "new" 50's technology built in '51-'52. It is basically a Rauland/Dukane/Masco with 3 channels and a phono input and multi ohm OT.


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        Does it have enough front panel controls to build a 5F6A? Can you post pictures?
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          It only has 6 but I MAY build it without 2nd channel. Then again I have been thinking a Vibroverb Frankenclone too.Click image for larger version

Name:	P2011573.JPG
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ID:	824231

          You are not seeing double! The guy that gave it to me had two and I got his up and running (caps) so he gave me the other one.


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            WOW! I got this running and its a hell of an amp as is! Don't tell anyone though. Just buy one if you see one ever! I had to basically re cap every single cap in it. It is great for harp on one channel, guitar on another as it is and I still have two channels to mod. Maybe a bright channel and maybe a Marshall voiced channel or make one a reverb. What a score!


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              congrats those things are TANKS

              looks like they outweigh their namesake

              you've seen this guys page eh?
              Webster Electric PA Amplifiers


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                HA! Funny. Yeah - HEAVY! Super iron. I think the one kept is a 1949 according to codes on pots?? And yes, thanks I found Angelfire site and used that as guide to mine. Similar front end except more channels on mine and slightly different specs on EQ.


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                  Here is the schematic if it will help anyone. It is a picture of the schematic so I hope it is readable.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	PA030062.JPG
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Size:	845.8 KB
ID:	827078


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                    Given that you have the real schematic, and those sockets are specific to those tubes and all that jazz, I think it's worth more rebuilding to "as new" specs and use it as-is, than shoehorn 12AX7s and what nots to turn it into another (boring) available everywhere and in 1000 reincarnations Tweed amp clone.
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                      J.M. I posted the original a while back and I did just as you advised. Although I did not re-build as-new I recapped it and replaced a handful of resistors and have been using it VERY successfully as a two channel harp and guitar amp. Harp side is stock and the guitar has some added highs on the treble pot and added a fan. It does clean to about 3 then it just roars above that. VERY responsive bass and treble controls. It was a score!

                      Bad news is the OT fried a few weeks ago at a jam and I had to sub in a contemporary OT due to lack of $$. The good news is I used a Hotrod Deluxe (my least favorite amp in the world to work on and I think they sound terrible too) and it turned out to sound even better than before IMHO. Big bottom end which is great for harp and I can EQ it nicely with the super bass and treble controls. I use it more than my prized Bedrock Royale Reverb clone that I built since it is so versatile with emphasis on harp use.

                      BTW mine deviates from the schematic and the second one my buddy owns. Mine has 5879 low MU preamp tubes instead of the SJ7's. Now if it only had reverb....


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