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Roberts 770x reel to reel harp amp conversion help

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  • Roberts 770x reel to reel harp amp conversion help

    have a Roberts 770x which is the same as the Akai m8. There is plenty of info on Rod Childer's site
    Beyond Sanity Productions ... &Itemid=28
    to convert these to mic pre amps but his mods are to get clean tone. Anybody ever use one for harp? It sounds pretty good just plugging my controlled magnetic mic into it and playing through the little 3 1/2" alnico monitor speakers. Ultimately I would like to get nice over driven sound at low volume for jam sessions at the house or out through a P.A. system for gigging. I don't know enough about tube circuits to figure out mods on my own but with a schematic I can build anything. Just wondering if any one here has modded one of these for harp. Thanks

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    I have recorded a blues harp album using an old roberts tape recorder for the amp. Jr Johnny, Bluesy Bohemian, and some others.
    It is also an insane guitar amp. I have 3 of these. Only use one.
    Stephen, email: