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Hi,everyone! could anybody email me some video about VHT sp6 amp with harp?

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  • Hi,everyone! could anybody email me some video about VHT sp6 amp with harp?

    hi,guys,could anybody email me some video about the amp with harmonica,i can not find any on net in my country,thx a lot!

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    No , as is a known spam originator.

    I presume you mean this ?
    Posted on YouTube by JD Blue

    This a stock vht sp 6 amp that I use o. Smaller gigs. I have it run through my pedal board...mic to .lone wolf delay to lone wolf harp attack to a sonic stomp......mic is Greg huemann....blowsmeaway...custom of my custom hohner golden melody harps in key of a...let me know what you think

    Haven't seen one in the flesh(or should that be vinyl ?) but they look well built to me.


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      Hi,oc disorder,thx for that ,but I can not visit YouTube in MY COUNTRY for some reasons that I don't want to say.
      I am sorry about the email address ,maybe I should change an other one.


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        Tried to download some harp videos with cc converter to send you the original MP4 but it displays: "unable to connect with YT" ... WTF ???????
        Juan Manuel Fahey


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          Hi,j m fahey!thank u so much for your try,but I really don t know the meaning by"unable to connect....",
          Would u please try this email address
          Thanks again!


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            OK, today I could connect to You Tube and download the suggested video (sounds very good, a heck of a player by the way).
            I'm attaching the 2 MB MP3 (audio only) version here, doubt the .mp4 video will fit (almost 6MB)

            Will try sending the full mp4 to both your addresses, from NOT my regular mail address, so don't answer or mention them, just in case 123 dot com decides I'm ready for a wave of spam or simply these guys want to pay me a visit

            If it works, comment it here.
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            Juan Manuel Fahey


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              thank u so much!


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                Just got the video by "".
                Thanks a lot!
                But this amp sounds not that good,too much high,not fat enough,but the guy in the video played really nice!
                just wonder how to modify with the amp?and after mod,how it sounds like?


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                  I suggest you get in touch with a harp specific Forum, I'v sometimes met a couple on the Net, they are much more into it (duh !!) and will probably have lots of practical suggestions, including amps, mikes and mods.

                  Of course, feel free to ask here about any technical issue, but as far as "taste" , which is quite subjective, maybe they are closer to your needs.
                  Juan Manuel Fahey


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