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EA Iamp doubler double bass amp

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  • EA Iamp doubler double bass amp

    Hello all

    I have never seen a EA i-amp doubler before does anyone have the map for one of these or had some experience

    I have one of these on the bench reported fault is slow start up. Its a Class D with smps. I replaced all the primary caps. still not always coming on correctly

    Mostly comes on in 1-2 sec's work's perfectly after that, On some occasion it will take 5-10 to come on then still works perfectly

    Changed all primary and secondary caps. . Heat and freezer spray i have located a rough area, { primary }
    there are a few SMD parts close by

    anyone had this fault before
    Many thanks

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    "New kid on the block".

    In principle, ask the Company.

    As Plan B, IŽd upload a couple real closeup pictures, and identify ICs.
    In the old days, SMPS design was new uncharted territory and "all were different" ... nowadays that they are becoming mainstream even in Guitar amplification a few basic circuits are becoming popular.
    Your SMPS may very well use known ICs and be not too far from datasheet application or at least it might explain how its soft start circuit works ... what I am suspecting here.
    Juan Manuel Fahey


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      i have asked tech support. told no to map and only option is to replace the board .


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        Ok, then grab the old Speed Graphic with double bellows extension for closeups, screw a couple Photo Flood lamps (1.5 hour life) in the trashcan cover sized reflectors and take some pictures. (it was that way in the old days )

        IF you are lucky, you have separate preamp and power amp/supply outsourced boards (Fender/GK/Aguilar/others do that, all use ICE Power) and you can repair or replace the latter.
        What they suggested, just without 300% markup.

        Or maybe MarkBass who specializes on this stuff recognizes it and can help.
        Juan Manuel Fahey


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          I was fixing a lower power EA amp and it was based on the ICE Power module. Luckily it was a preamp problem and I managed to fix it.
          Can you post a photo of the power supply?


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            I quoted the customer a price on a new board and he refused it went back to him . It was working just sometimes took 10 sec to come on and when on no issues