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Peavey PVi6500 struck by lightning

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  • Peavey PVi6500 struck by lightning

    I have a PVi6500 in for repair that took a lightning hit. I am able to get the signal to pass thru each front input. The problem I am noticing is that after about 20-30 seconds of being powered on, I'll get a small pop sound out of the speaker every 5 seconds or so. This is making me think something is charging up, then reaches a breakpoint so it discharges and repeats.

    I pulled the back panel and did not see any obvious signs of components being burned.

    Looking at the schematic, I have solid +50V on D19K and -50V on D22A. I have +40V on D19A (+HIGH) and -40V on D22K (-HIGH). When the pop sound occurs, the plus and minus HIGH signals take a brief hit on my meter and recover. My +15V and -15V are solid.

    I've attached both the power amp and main schematic. I'm thinking the problem is related to the power amp circuity, but am trying to understand the circuit better before continuing. Any guidance offered is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Are the +/-50v rails solid? Is it possible to disconnect the +HIGH and -HIGH rails from other parts of the system like the power amp?


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      The power amp is digital, and may be cycling off and on trying to start.
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        Finally getting back here. I ended up replacing the caps on the output stage, plus the filter caps (C31 and C32). That seemed to clear up any issues of voltage fluctuation on the power supply. However, I still had a pop coming thru. Seems there was more than one issue with this (as I should have expected given the curious ways lightning can travel).

        I did find the popping now coming thru the main out section. When using the front panel mute, I no longer hear the pop, but I can see the pop on the clip light still occurring. Chased it to the section between the mute and the main out. I ended up replacing U16-18, plus the caps in that path. Seems to have solved it.


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