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    I have never used the circuit bending forum but I just tripped across the attached and decided that it belongs here.

    A Swedish software engineer named Linus ┼kesson unveiled a playable accordion—called "The Commodordion"—he crafted out of two vintage Commodore 64 computers connected with a bellows made of floppy disks taped together.​
    Click image for larger version

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    Very impressive. The floppies are a nice touch.
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      This guy is a wing nut. But in a good way (great way!). It may sound strange but I sort of like bag pipes. I even thought about learning to play them but I just don't have the wind for it. I also experimented with shakuhachi flutes. Also love them but didn't have the wind for them. This technology being developed could make these sounds more accessible to future recording artists and I'm having no trouble with that. Very cool.
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        That got me in the mood for some of that sting movie music by scott joplin.
        Here's maple leaf rag.
        IMO the commodordion needs to stick to the Piano, but that video was rather entertaining!
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