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Vintage Deluxe Electric Mistress - Noise Problems

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  • Vintage Deluxe Electric Mistress - Noise Problems

    I recently acquired a late '70s Deluxe Electric Mistress. It's a fantastic pedal, but has a lot of noise. I know this can be normal for these pedals, but I owned a re-issue with the in-built transformer & it never had this level of hum/noise. Is it possible to simply replace the 2 prong power cord with a 3 prong cord and run the green wire to the chassis? I was thinking maybe better grounding + some shielding on the transformer might quiet it down - - - anyone have experience with this?

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    i also have a home built 5e3 deluxe that i built myself and ANY pedal i put into this amp is WAY noisy. HELP!!!!!! somebody help us, or him please.


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      Check the filter caps for noise. There is a cap before the 15 volt regulator and another cap after the regulator. I would replace both of those with the same type and size as the original.


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        Awesome! Thanks for the reply. I don't know how to check the caps for noise (audio probe?) or are you just suggesting to replace them as likely suspects?

        Gonna' go dig up a schematic. . .


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          The filter caps are there to remove the 60Hz or 120Hz hum from a power adaptor or from an internal power transformer. That is all they do. Is this hum the noise you have?

          60Hz hum comes from grounding and shielding issues and also power supply ripple if the rectifier is half wave. 120Hz hum comes from power supply ripple, not grounds or shields.

          If you have noise noise - hiss, static, etc - filter caps are not likely it.
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            Sorry, I'll post clips later, I don't think I've done a good job of describing the noise. It's not the constant hum I'd normally associate w/ bad grounding, i.e. 60hz, it's more of a 'swoosh' kind of sound that swells up in time with the effect. I played quite a bit with tweaking the internal trimpots in my previous re-issue DEM (including relocating the 10k delay time pot to the outside of the case), but never had this kind of 'swish' sound. I marked the current locations of these pots and did a little fiddling. The delay trimpot seems to have way more range than in my RI as it will get in to some really crazy de-tuned chorus territory. The feedback trimpot produces the same awful self oscillation as on the RI and the other trimpots seem to be more like on/off switches with a 'sweet spot' and the rest of their range having little to no effect. . .

            I know this is all still a bit vague. I'll record a clip that shows the 'ocean sound' I'm experiencing & maybe someone can suggest some diagnostic steps.