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can i use a 47k pot instead of a 20k one?

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  • can i use a 47k pot instead of a 20k one?

    hi, i have a damaged boss pedal which needs pot replaced, which used a mini 20k b pot

    i have a 47k b pot, can i just use that instead and if so what would be the difference?


    note: would be for a sustain knob, or a tone knob. choice of either.

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    What pedal?


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      a boss cs-3 compressor sustainer modded with monte allums opto plus kit


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        It seems to me that one would have better success, and more predictable functioning post-change, by sticking the 47k in the tone-control position than the sustain position. It will NOT function identically to a 20k pot, but will be able to attain the same tone at each extreme of rotation, if that's what you want.

        Ideally, you want to score a pair of 36k resistors, but if you can only find 39k, those will do.

        Install the new pot like the old one, but solder a 36k resistor between the wiper and each outside lug. Like I say, it will not behave identically in the middle, but it will be identical electronically at each extreme.