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    Hi there,
    I wonder if any of you may be able to help me?
    I have a Pedalboard which includes:
    Boss TU-Tuner
    Homemade A/B Box
    Dunlop CFH Wah
    Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde
    ISP Decimator Noise Gate
    Yamaha DG Stomp Multi-Effects

    I am using a DC Brick Power Supply, which has seven 9-volt power jacks, and three 18 volt power jacks. I use the DC Brick 9-volt cords to power everything but the Yamaha DG Stomp. The Yamaha uses a 12 volt wall wart adapter. My question is, can I use one of the 18 volt power cords from the DC Brick to power the Yamaha DG Stomp? I need to know if it will damage the unit by doing this.

    Again, the Yamah unit uses a 12 volt adapter. Can I use the 18 volt section of the DC Brick to power the Yamaha, or will that cause damage to the unit?
    Anybody got any input???

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    Most probably your DG is not capable of taking 18 volts.
    But if you're handy with electronics you could build a voltage divider with a few resistors and get the 12 volts you want. Maybe something just as simple as a drop down resistor, but I like the idea of the dividing network better.
    You can also use a properly rated Zener diode and you'll not only get your 12 volts but they will be regulated to boot!


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      Hey thanks!
      OK, so I posted this stuff on another board. Maybe it will help.
      Uhh, I'm kind of not worth a crap at most of this terminology. I did build my own A/B Box, but that was only jacks, power, and led's. That much I can do. It does sound like I could do the step down converter thing. I would like to do away with the giant wall wart. Here is a link to the parts manual for the DG stomp. It may tell you some information that helps? I don't know.

      The service and parts manual

      Of course, they say DON'T use any other adapter.
      I think I could probably build a converter for one of the 18v spots on the DC Brick. I am a little bit lost as far as how to do it, though. Can anyone show me a parts list, and a wiring diagram for this? I am terrible at reading symbols, so if it could be in layman's terms, that would be awesome. I am mechanically inclined, and can solder halfway decent, so if I get some direction, I think I could do this.

      Then someone posted this

      It's 12V AC. And looking at the circuit, it's half-wave rectified to give + and - which is then regulated to give the +-15V analog rails.
      You are out of luck, you will have to live with the 12v AC wart.

      So, does this mean I am SOL?
      I think I can make a voltage divider with some help.
      If not, I am willing to pay someone to make one, if they're that easy to make, y'know? I guess I just really need to know if I can or can't fix this. The DC Brick is a regulated power supply, if that helps...


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        Too bad...

        You forgot to mention the DG's wall wart is 12 volts AC...that's a whole different ball game!
        There's no easy way out of this way to use the DC Brick (or any other single polarity power supply) for this purpose....sorry I can't be of any more help.
        I guess you'll have to learn to live with the extra wall wart on your pedalboard.


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          Thank you so much for your help my friend.
          I will accept defeat, hahaha!