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Rotovibe Troubleshooting.... Help !!!

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  • Rotovibe Troubleshooting.... Help !!!

    My Rotovibe quit working. I think that I my have plugged it into a power supply with the wronge polarity. Is there a quick fix for that? Thanks for any and all help. D

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    Can you describe the powersupply that you plugged in to the pedal?
    Read the label on it.
    The Rotovibe uses an 110Vac to 9Vdc 200ma power pack.
    Center pin is Negative.
    If you plugged in a Vdc adapter with center pin positive, if it was 9Vdc, there should be no harm.
    If it was an Vac to Vac adapter you may have taken out the 9 volt regulator.
    If you are lucky!
    Depends on what the voltage was. You "may" have fried everything.
    Get the power pack & let us know exactly what the label states.


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      Rotovibe Problem

      The power supply a was universal type. PH2061W GEM300. 300mA variable from 1.5 - 12 Volts. It was set on 9 Volt but I think the polarity was set wrong. It has been about a year but it seems like when I plugged it in I heard a snap sound from the pedal. I was wondering if there is a diode or something that would likely blow first to protect the rest of the components. Thanks, D


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        It sounds like a cap popped. Can you see the circuitry? Most pedals with external power inputs use a simple series diode to protect from reverse polarity.There may have been a filter cap before it....maybe?
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          Rotovibe schematic

          Here is the schematic.
          Vdc input is on the bottom left.
          A couple of caps, a diode, a 9 volt regulator.......
          I would have to assume that you have tried a 9V battery.
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            C15 may have popped. That 7809 regulator should still be good, but if the cap is shorted, a battery will not work. Do you have an ohm meter?
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              There is Q1 (MPSA18, it drives the LDRs) on the PCB which tends to fail when DC supply is connected with incorrect polarity. Best would be to check for correct voltage after the 78L09 and on all ICs first... see attached block schematic
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                repair rotovibe



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                  repair rotovibe

                  Need help to revive Rotovibe!!!
                  Is this a link to a link?
                  We can just click the link kindly provided by this Forum, first thing below this answer (slightly to the left)
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