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Accutronics Spring Reverb 1EB2C1B unable to locate!

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  • Accutronics Spring Reverb 1EB2C1B unable to locate!

    I have an old ART Systems T-28 Attack Module/portable twin 8” 100 watt amplifier that has an accutronics Type 1 - 1EB2C1B spring reverb in it that has the two broken input wires to the transducer. They are broken too close to the transducer to repair unless I unwind the transducer, which I have never attempted. My question is: The closest unit that I have found to work that I can locate from “CEDIST.COM” is a 4EB3C1B. This is a Type 4 but it has the correct impedance of 600 ohms imput and 2250 ohms output just like the original unit with a longer decay time of 2.75 – 4.0 sec’s as opposed to the original reverb of 1.75-3.0 sec’s. Does anyone know if this will work? Will it be too long of a decay time for this application? Also, accutronics website did not specify what Type 1 is opposed to type 4. I would like to know before I order this unit as the old part is nowhere to be found. Thanks for your input!

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    Type 4 is a longer tank. It will work perfectly well in place of your type 1, if you have room to mount it. If clearance is a problem, you could use a type 8EB2C1B, it is also short, but uses 3 springs.
    I have changed several type 8's to type 4's, (I like sound of the longer springs).


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      I agree with Bill.The E and B specify impedance, the 4 or 8 specify physical size. Your input impedance will be close enough if you stick to the letter. Don;t worry about a couple hundred ohms

      Obviously you can;t concern yourself with having a grounded connector or not, since there is none. Now you COULD install one if there is room.
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