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  • Rotovibe Stopped Working

    Hi I bought a Rotovibe JH4S Rev B on eBay maybe six months ago.
    I love it, and I just got a wah and couldn't wait to use them with one another and decide which to put first in my pedal chain. I power my pedals with a Power All adapter. I'm quite good with a solder gun but I'm not entirely sure how to start debugging this, but I am eager to learn.

    The only difference is, I switched the power extensions between my Small Clone and Rotovibe, 'cos the Rotovibe was right up against my pedal board so I needed an L shaped extension cord to power it instead of the basic straight shape. This makes no difference so I don't see this being a factor in anything.

    I've been hearing what I thought was a broken cord for the past, well while. When I took the Rotovibe out of my FX chain the broken cord noise stopped. I then went and replugged all my pedals into each other and I turned on the Rotovibe for it's last time and it was noisier than before so I unplugged it and played with out it. It no longer turns on. No lights. No sound. Nothing.

    I tried to power it up with a 9v Battery instead and found that did not help. So I'm not sure what could be wrong with it, perhaps the DPDT stomp switch needs to be replaced?? How dyou know when that switch goes bad?

    I found a couple Rotovibe help threads here so here I am - read through them, didn't find anything very useful to my situation. Hope that maybe someone could help me out. I've also got several other pedals and amps that I'm trying to get back working so I may post more threads here. I really would appreciate any help I can get. I'd really like to get back to playing guitar instead of playing the tech. Thanks!
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