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BOSS GE7 problem on shut off

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  • BOSS GE7 problem on shut off

    The pedal functions fine when on, either with battery or power supply,but when I shut it off it does a slow distorted fadeout and no signal passes through at all.I am Baffeled and need help.

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    Boss GE7 Schematic

    I have attached the schematic.
    This unit, like an awful lot of pedals, is not a true bypass when it is "off".
    The switch is labeled at the lower right.
    It goes into that x circuit which is a set\ reset flip flop.
    This turns Q4 & Q5 on & off. (FET's)
    In bypass mode, Q5 must pass the signal & Q4 must block it.
    Monitor the outputs of each and I think you may find which one is misbehaving.
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