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DPDT = dual gang pot?

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  • DPDT = dual gang pot?

    Just wondering if one can swap in a dual-ganged pot for a dpdt switch to gradually blend in the effected signal? Anyone tried this?

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    I've used a single ganged pot to do just that. In an amp I've built I'm blending a signal through two different caps for a blendable mid boost. Should work with a dual ganged pot as well.
    Just keep in mind, that the switch cuts the signal off completely while a pot does this only to "some degree" depending on the value.


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      In principle, it can work, the thing is that you need to be sure you aren't dealing with any loading issues. Keep in mind that, unless you have some sort of active mixer, the passive mixing circuit provided by a dual-ganged pot may not be what the next device in line (amp, PA, effect pedal, etc.) wants.

      I think it is also fair to note that such a panning circuit needs a different kind of taper to produce easily achievable blends. Not impossible, but you do have to pay attention to it.

      Toadworks makes a pedal called the Enveloope that provides dynamic, envelope-controlled panning. Very cool.


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