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Ibanez ts9dx mod help/question

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  • Ibanez ts9dx mod help/question

    Im going to get the 2 resistors today at radioshack to change it over to 808 spec but Don't have a 4558 chip to put in it. The stock one say TA75558P. No clue what thats about. I have a DOD death mteal pedal laying around that I find useless due to no gain knob, it has 2 4560 chips in it. Are these close to the 4558's sound and/or better than the stock 1 in my 9DX? I also noticed that my 9DX is missing 2 diodes and a cap compare to the photos of a regular TS9. Im assuming this has to do with the 4 modes of the 9dx. Anyone have any idea if I should try to add them to this?

    edit. I haven't really looked to hard but does anyone run these at higher voltage, like adding in another 9volt in parallel? Would 18 volts be to much for the circuits? Im sure it would probably clean up the boosting ability with the gain at zero and the level at 10 if it would work. Or maybe even just wiring in a AA in parallel for a slight headroom increase.

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    Just a word on the 4558 IC.
    The original TS used a crappy chip by todays standards.
    That is what made them great.
    Still, the 4558 is way better in the TS than the 5558.
    I have seen some that have the silkscreen on the board labeled 4558 & installed was a 5558.
    They must have purchased a boatload of the 5558's real cheap!
    The 4560 IS a 4558 but it can drive more current.
    I would try to get a 4558.


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      So what does that mean that the 4560 can drive more current? Would it raise the output or the gain level?


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        Sorry, I dont know what it means, but you can get these chips on ebay.


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          The 4560 is a robust 4558.
          It will require slightly more current to drive it.
          I don't think this will be an issue.
          Now swapping a 4558 where a 4560 is called for would be an issue.
          As to raising the gain level, that is set by the surrounding components of the circuit.
          Try the 4560 if you have one.
          Mount the ic in a socket & try different opamps.
          They basically all have the same pinout (which should be verified before hand)
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            Thanks for the help. I think Im just gonna get an ebay kit that has the opamp/socket and power supply resistors for the 808 conversion plus it comes with 2 more resistors that make it cleaner with the gain all the way down and alittle hotter with it all the way up.

            I find the other 3 settings pretty useless for most situations. They basically add low end and volume on each step. It gets pretty out of control on the highest setting. I wonder if there is a cap I can change to lower the bass output on these other settings?


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