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vintage memoryman issue?

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  • vintage memoryman issue?

    i've got a 70's MM, (3 knob). it seems that the delay pot does nothing when the switch is in "chorus" mode. is that normal? pot works fine in "echo" mode. never seen a 3 knobber before. always 4 knobbers.
    the switch up top is usually labeled, "chorus/vibrato". but on this model it's "echo/chorus".
    wondering if this is typical for this model or something is actually wrong? thoughts? thanks!

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    Sounds quite normal. In effect, the echo/chorus switch is very similar to the flanger/filter matrix switch on the Electric Mistress, where one switch-setting lets you set the delay manually, and the other reverts to an LFO modulation of the delay time. Except that the Electric Mistress lets you set the speed of the LFO where the MM has a fixed speed deemed to be suitable for chorus. bear ion mind the Electric Mistress does NOT let you blend dry and wet, where the MM does. So, if they were going to make a bunch of chassis with holes for three controls and a knock-out slot for a slide switch, they picked the 3 controls felt to be most appropriate to the pedal.


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