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Line 6 echo park delay ?

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  • Line 6 echo park delay ?

    Hey guys, I have a Line 6 echo park delay pedal on my board that works fine when it's daisy chained to other pedals but when I removed it the other night to use solo it wouldn't work. I wanted to just use the delay pedal alone with my acoustic so i just hooked up the all in one power supply but couldn't get it to work. I placed it back on my board and connected it to a daisy chain and patched cable with another pedal it worked fine? Any ideas what might be the problem when it's used by itself?


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    As great a pedal as it is, I find the power jack kind of "shallow"...or at least that's how I remember it (haven't used mine in several months). If the power plug is not inserting properly, you may be having some issues providing power to the pedal. That is, the pedal "thinks" it is using a nonexistent battery.

    I'm assuming the LED doesn't come on?


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