Hello, i was very happy to find these forums!

Could anyone have any idea where this problem may come from: on the DD-3, the leftest dial-EFFECT LEVEL- does very subtle, almost imperceptible augmenting and diminishing of the volume of the effect. On extreme right position the effect is perfectly strong but on the extreme left position the signal is not dry, it still has quite some effect in it.
I opened the unit and saw a pottentiometer that was identical to another one from the four. they were all blue and had a capacitor stuck to them each. When i shorted the middle and the right of the volume it got full force effect. When i shorted the middle and the other end it cut the signal completely effect-dry. However the pottentiometer behaves as if it has only a short slide resisting surface that never goes to great resistance on the extreme left position (i assume that dry signal implies greater resistance...). However, the dial shows subtle affecting of the signal all throughout its surface/round, it is not as if it stops at one point...

Anyone knows if this is common problem or is fixing it is just matter of changing the pottentiometer?

thanks for attention!

ps the DD-3 is from taiwan, i bought it in montreal some 17 years ago; it has big square chip on the back side immediately when opened, appart from that all functions well , hold function is very handy when combined with a normal delay to make solos over the "hold" sound