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Dano Fish & Chips as speaker simulator?

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  • Dano Fish & Chips as speaker simulator?

    Hi, I was wondering If anyone could help me tweak the dials on my cheap EQ pedal to use it to simulate a speaker. Here is a link to the pedal if anyone need to familiarize themselves with it.

    Danelectro DJ14 Fish and Chips 7-Band EQ Pedal and more Guitar Effects at

    I already know that the 6.4k dial is above guitar speaker range, so I have brought it all the way down. My amps distortion seems to only sound accurate when the 3.2k dial is maxed out. Beyond this, I am lost though.

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    If you go to a speaker site such as Eminence for example, you can look at a pdf spec sheet for a particular speaker that shows a graph of its frequency response. You want to try to mimic this curve with your EQ. Notice that guitar speakers typically have a pretty sharp cutoff at around 3-4KHz. IME, this is kind of difficult to mimic with a guitar pedal EQ because there is usually not enough boost or cut available. For example, the Private Jack shows a steep cutoff of more than 35db at around 3-4KHz. You need the upper mid boost to give you clarity, but you also need the sharp drop to keep it smooth. The amount of drop is where it's going to get tricky with a guitar pedal EQ. I don't know if you can get a 35db difference out of those sliders.