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  • DeltaLab Effectron stompbox

    I have a rare stompbox that controls the bypass and repeat functions of my effectron I 1020. I see no reason why it would not work for the other effectrons. It also has a gain control, which should be great.

    I say should be because I thought the gain function did not work, turns out there was a decades old battery in there. The Effectron is currently packed way somewhere I can't find. We are remodeling the house, and can't find anything.

    Anyway, there is a crude schematic on the inner shell of the stompbox. Being able to control repeat, and bypassing the effectron adds a whole new level of utility to this vintage digital delay.

    So if anyone here is interested in duplicating one, I can post pics and the crude schematic.

    And if anyone knows someone that can fix these things, I have a jr. ADM 1050 that is long dead and I would love to get it back in service.

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    I can, but I don't want to, in fact I have a couple dead 1030s here.
    Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.


    • #3 I guess you are not a fan, or you have a pile of spares.

      I like them, and have built a signature sound using them.

      If you have schematics or any helpfull tips, that would be nice.


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        I got what documentation I have right from Delta Labs, and it is copies of copies of copies. I CAN work on this sort of stuff, I was pretty good with random logic in my day, but with barely readable prints... That balance pot always seems to fail, and last time I called them - years ago - they told me I got the last two. That is the pot with a center tap, not easily subbed.

        If you like them, fine with me, but to me, even when they are in perfect running order, they sound like... effectrons. Noisy and lo fi.

        I have the two dead units, that is all.

        Send an email to me with Delta LAbs effectron schematics as the subject line, and I will send what I have. One is fairly readable, the other is poor, but the scan is pretty good of the poor copy. I use the good one often to infer what the bad one probably means to be. There is substantial family resemblance.

        I've never seen your pedal.

        My address is:

        tmenzo at msn dot com
        Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.


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          I would really like to see your schematic of the DeltaLab stompbox. I have a ADM 1024 and have tried to use various stereo/mono plugs with no success.


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            The address is in post #4.
            Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.


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              This is what was scribbled on the shell of the stompbox, I can reopen it later and type out the resistor color patterns if it is too hard to read.

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                i also found a DIY site where it has some simple memory expansions for the effectron...up to 2 seconds for an adm 1020.



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