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boss dd-3c hicut or tape echo mod

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  • boss dd-3c hicut or tape echo mod

    Good day, i bought a used dd3 with the intent of modding. when i opened it i was surprised by a new smt circuit that looks different from the previous taiwan versions dd3a and b. I tried the cap across the level and feedback pot and it didnt do anything.
    Thought of just selling it and get an older version but figure maybe others were able to apply the previous mods to this version.

    Anyone have luck modding this dd-3c? Thanks!

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    What is your goal in the 'cap across the level/FB pots'?

    Did you try the pedal, as version C (which you are in possession of) may incorporate the change?

    Anyway, here are the Service Notes on the DD-3(T) Rev C.

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      thanks for the reply. i want the repeats to be warm and analog where it continues to shave off the highs in every repeat.

      the dd3C that i have doesnt look the same as the pdf you linked. i think the revision was fairly recent around 2010-11. definitely looks more intimidating than the old dd3A that i've opened up before.

      i will take a picture and update this post.


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        As this series was manufactured in 2002, I can't say what you need.

        If you compare the FB circuit with the previous A & B versions, you will see capacitors were added across the pot.

        Boss DD-3 A_B.pdf

        Not too sure if it's even 'modable'.
        Here of late, all functions are in a computer chip.


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          here are the pics
          Attached Files


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            Originally posted by severthee View Post
            here are the pics

            Can you post more pictures?

            Coz someone messed up the internal wiring (to jacks, etc) and i am trying to fix one currently on my bench

            Thanks in advance.


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