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Vintage Morley Power Wah Doesn't Always "Wah"

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    Originally posted by nosaj View Post
    Quick question anyone know the specs on a power pack for these?Was just asked to cobble one together.
    my old one had full AC line power through the toggle at the front, this went into an internal transformer and a full wave rectifier pair making about 24VDC.

    More modern versions use a Morley branded regulated 9VDC 300mA center negative with a std 5.5mm x 2.1mm thats ~12.7mm long. Its a pretty clean supply and this may be necessary.


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      Originally posted by olddawg View Post
      Caps usually arenít intermittent. I would try some freeze when it is in failure mode.
      Thanks for the info. I'm sure you're right. I really don't know myself.

      If it's any help, it was intermittent for a bit and then basically "wahs' almost inaudibly (maybe not at all - I took the pedal out of service by then).

      Don't know it that helps at all.

      For what it's worth, I'm kind of committed to the cap replacement at this point anyway because I already started clipping them out.



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        Hey Everyone.

        Just wanted to provide an update on this repair. Long story short, I ordered the capacitors discussed earlier in the thread, using the recommended changes in values.

        I completed the replacement of the old capacitors with these new ones.....and now the pedal works perfectly!

        The wah sounds loud and clear and transparent and basically like an incredible and "cosmic" sound you could only hear in some 1970s-era medium-sized concert theater. Couldn't ask for more. Fantastic!

        Thanks again, everyone, for being an important contributor to this victory!