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Reading Phase 90 LFO on Scope

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  • Reading Phase 90 LFO on Scope

    Hi all,

    I'm not a scope expert by any means, but I always have trouble with scoping certain low frequencies.

    I have a Phase 90 I'm troubleshooting (along with a working version for reference), and cant seem to get a good read on the LFO output.
    I have my scope set to AC Coupling, 2v division, and 500ms division.

    What I do get is an occasional wave read if I lift the probe and place it back on the terminal, but just a flat line after. I have the probe ground on the pedal's ground.

    Any advice?
    Thank you.

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    Try DC coupling. The frequency might be too low for the AC coupling cap in the scope input. Could also be a trigger problem.
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      Thank you Helmholtz , I will try both your suggestions.
      As for the trigger, I have on auto. Will try some manual settings.